Here are some links to a variety of pieces I have written on Chinese medicine and related topics.

In Praise of Tea (from The Journal of Chinese Medicine issue 97): In praise of tea

Yin and Yang Revisited (from The Journal of Chinese Medicine issue 63): 63-34

Acupuncture in the Treatment of Premenstrual Syndrome: 48-5

The Treatment of Psycho-Emotional Disturbance by Acupuncture with particular reference to the Du Mai: 47-30

Dr. Shen Seminar, London, August 1979: 2-10

Community Acupuncture – Making Ming Vases from Buckets: A reply to Lisa Rohleder jcm99_pg55_1

A brief history of Qigong a_brief_history_of_qigong

Taijiao (Foetal Education) taijiao_foetal_education_