51WDXcmMSwL._SL500_AA300_In 1973 I co-wrote Nature’s Foods with Karen Betteridge. The book is very much a creature of its time. It is hand-written and hand-illustrated (all Karen’s work) and offers a vision of natural foods based on macrobiotic ideas but tailored to the British and American rural and homesteading traditions. While there a few pages that make me cringe a bit now, it is still a wonderful expression of love of nature and of  harmonious and natural eating and is full of ideas that were visionary for their time yet taken for granted now. The recipes are basic (in many cases too much so)  but the value of the book now is more in the integrated and romantic whole that it offers. Infinity Foods recently republished Nature’s Foods on behalf of the charity Practical Actions and copies of this reprint can be bought from The Journal of Chinese Medicine bookshop

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